Development & Design

Atomic's secret weapon is our in-house development team. We can build custom web and mobile applications and integrate them with your existing systems. We can also build custom hardware and software solutions for your event.

Event Nerds, Technically!

No need to copy off of our test this time, we are on your team. Producing a successful live event can be complex. We provide end-to-end technical and production resources that your project requires to be successful.


Our design team is phenomenal at putting together high-impact designs for web, print, and broadcast. We can help you with branding, logos, and even motion graphics.

Web Development

We've been doing web development for over a decade—and not just websites. We've built custom web applications, and we've integrated them with all sorts of systems.

Custom Broadcast Tools

Off-the-shelf graphics systems are great, but sometimes you need something custom. By building custom workflow tools, we're able to get data from a number of sources into the broadcast. This is great for gaming shows, charity events, sports, or any event that needs to broadcast data in real-time.

Event Support

We've done a lot of custom development support at a number of conventions and live events including registration and management, tracking KPIs, prize fulfillment, QR code management, and even AI tracking of attendees.

Been There, Done That.

We've racked up a lot of frequent flier miles, supporting great events.

Let's Talk

Atomic is here to help. If you think your company would benefit from what Atomic has to offer, drop us a line!