Event WiFi & Internet

It isn't easy to provide WiFi to large groups, especially at busy events like conventions, sporting events, and concerts. We have been deploying networks in complex environments for over a decade and have the gear and the know-how to make it work.

Event Nerds, Technically!

No need to copy off of our test this time, we are on your team. Producing a successful live event can be complex. We provide end-to-end technical and production resources that your project requires to be successful.

High Density Wireless

Private and guest WiFi at conventions can be tricky. We have a lot of experience deploying high-density wireless networks at very busy events.

Convention Support

Our team can help coordinate with convention centers and venues to provide the best possible network for your event. We can also provide the on-site support and any equipment your booth may need.

Bonded Cellular & Satellite

Sometimes you have an event where there isn't a good internet connection. In those situations we bond cellular connections (LTE and 5g), and agument with satellite internet (Starlink) if we need to.


CBRS (private LTE networks) are a game changer for large events. We can deploy a private LTE network that can support a crazy number of devices, and we can do it in places where traditional cellular networks are overloaded.

Been There, Done That.

We've racked up a lot of frequent flier miles, supporting great events.

Let's Talk

Atomic is here to help. If you think your company would benefit from what Atomic has to offer, drop us a line!