Crown Channel Fight Night

Mar 2021

How we’ve helped Twitch Prime’s Crown Channel bring their live, high-energy gaming show to tens of thousands of viewers around the world since 2021.

The Challenge

In 2021, Crown Channel came to us for help with their weekly Wednesday show that brings together popular streamers, guests, and one weekly surprise guest as they take on a new game. The featured game may be for console, PC, or mobile. Overall, the show prioritizes humor and friendly competition. In each episode, the two hosts introduce the game, give it a walk-through, and offer some tips and tricks before gameplay starts.

Our Solution

Each gameplay round is separated with interactive segments for hosts and chat, where viewers can interact with the hosts in Tier lists, fantasy drafts, and more. This intermission changes each week and highlights some of the best of video games and pop culture.

Throughout the video game segments, different hosts & guests play solo, or with each other to highlight the different features and modes of each game. Viewers are encouraged to give their feedback on the game over chat and ultimately decide the winner. Chat also engages viewers in puzzles and trivia throughout the show for chances to win prizes from sponsors. Depending on the game, hosts play with guests or comment on host gameplay. For host vs. host gameplay, bantering and competition are encouraged. A gameplay producer helps with organizing lobbies and streamlining gameplay for show guests & hosts. Each week's show is concluded with 5-10 minutes of unscripted airtime.

The Client

Our Roles

  • Broadcast & Event Production
  • Remove Guest Streams
  • Broadcast Run of Show
  • Custom Graphics & Playback
  • Tournament & Gameplay Operations
  • Spectator / Observers

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