Crown Arcade Claw Machine

February 28 2024

How we helped Crown Channel remotely play a claw machine game live on Twitch.

The Challenge

The Crown Arcade show had a segment where our remote talent would play a claw machine game live on Twitch.

Our Solution

The game was controlled by a custom-built web app, that was remotely connected to the claw machine in the studio.

We developed a web-based front-end system that allowed the remote talent to control the claw machine in real-time via a virtual joystick, along with a low-latency video feed.

Technical Details: The web front-end, back-end, hardware interface were all custom-developed by our team. We setup a proxy server to handle the control commands (due to corporate firewall issues), custom wiring harness to connect the claw machine to a Raspberry Pi with a relay board (up, down, left, right, deploy claw). We utilized WebRTC to keep the video delay to a minimum. The Raspberry Pi was running a small node server with a socker client that talked ot the proxy server. The result was a true, real-time, remote claw game, live on Twitch.

The Client

Our Roles

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Integration


Crown Arcade Claw Machine - Live Segment

Crown Arcade Claw Machine - Behind the Scenes

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